This is vision of Union roasters company from UK

Hello, we’re Union. We’ve been sourcing, roasting, living and loving good coffee since 2001.We find and work directly with talented farmers, paying them a fair price so they can invest in their farm, families, and workers It’s called Union Direct Trade. Those fair prices, and our investment in smallholder farmers, make our specialty coffee extra special. We hand-roast our coffee in small batches. Tiny, carefully-tended batches. To us, roasting is an art. And it shows. All our coffees are scored 84 and above on the SCAA’s international scale – the definitive measure of coffee quality. And our micro-lots? (Small quantities of rare, incredible coffees, grown in the best conditions possible.) Those typically score more than 88.

Therefore they have worked together with Rwashoscco how they can get the best quality of green coffee in Rwanda. Today we have hosted  RUDY HUEMER his Quality Manager/Q Grader. we had a good time since he has arrived in Rwanda. our cooperatives are working hard to produce the good quality and to produce more that can be affordable with our customer. New crop 2017 we are really happy to work