Contact Information
Address: P.O.Box 7342 KIGALI, RWANDA
City and Country: Southern Province / Rwanda
Phone: +250 788 479 756/ +250 783 185 128
Coffee Attributes
Description: We produce and Export Green coffee
Varieties: Arabica Annual Production: 144 Tonnes/year
Location: HUYE District/ Rwanda Altitude: 1800 -2,000 m
Average Annual Rainfall: 130mm Average Temperature: 20 Celsius
Soil Composition:  Sand and Clay soil
Mill and company where lot was processed: KOAKAKA COOPERATIVE
Goats, pigs, Cows, chicken, etc
participated in the Coffee Quality Competition (CUP OF EXCEL­ENCE)

·        2007 has the 3rd in competi­tion RWANDA GOLDEN CUP

·        2011, it was Loted No.7

·        2012 it got Loted No.7

·        It got Loted No.4

·         In 2015,it got Loted No.6.

·        We received the certificate of good gover­nance from RCA (Rwanda Cooperatives Agency) through the audit done on 2012. KOAKAKA Cooperative is certificated by FLO-CERT GmbH. The strategy and implementation are based on alternative of costs and the uses of ICT with markets decentralization are the tactics. On the other hand,  sensibili­sation, promotion and dividends within the augmentation of quality and quantity are also strong programs in KOAKAKA

History of origin, family, background
In 1999, three coffee farmers associations operating in Karama, Kinyamakara and Ru­kondo communities started working togeth­er and consisted of 867 members (543 men and 324 women).These associations later on formed a union on May/14/2002, and was named KOAKAKA.The co-operative union was registered by the Rwanda Coopera­tive Agency (RCA) on 25th February 2003. Currently KOAKAKA Cooperative has a total membership of 1316 coffee members (1119 men and 297 women). In 2003, the union started a coffee washing station at KARAM­BI with a capacity of 800MT (flesh cherries) per season and another coffee washing station MUGANZA started in 2005 with a capacity of 500MT per season. Actually KARAMBI CWS we pro­duced 1,500MT(flesh cherries)  per season and MUGANZA CWS produced 700MT per season.


To be a meeting quality and consistently improve welfare of members,

To increase jobs so as reduce the un­employment and poverty in the region,

To produce and export fine coffee in Europe, America, Japan and Asia.


To exceptional quality coffee and competitive price;

To increase coffee production;

To set different activities regarded to environment protection

The services offered by Cooperative to the members include are:

1. Facility access to financial services credit (Loan, to build their house, New Coffee washing station…)

2. Support to pay school fees and health insurance,

3. Purchase and marketing members’ products,

4. Jobs opportunities to members and their families

6. Cooperatives help their members about training on administration, quality management and savings