Humure cooperative has one cherry collection and washing station for the members. The cooperative currently has over 200 members and is located in the North of Rwanda. This region is drier than the Eastern regions and generally cups sweeter. During the off season the members rely on their cows and basket making project to see them through leaner times.


To be a meeting quality and consistently improve welfare of members,

To increase jobs so as reduce the unemployment and poverty in the region,

To produce and export fine coffee in Europe, America, Japan and Asia.


To exceptional quality coffee and competitive price;

To increase coffee production;

To set different activities regarded to environment protection

The services offered by Cooperative to the members include are:

1. Facility access to financial services credit (Loan, to build their house, New Coffee washing station…)

2. Support to pay school fees and health insurance,

3. Purchase and marketing members’ products,

4. Jobs opportunities to members and their families

6. Cooperatives help their members about training on administration, quality management and savings