Day by day specialty coffee in Rwanda is growing quickly, the twin is working with 10 producer organizations in Rwanda and Burundi on improving the quality of their Full washed Arabica; gaining additional certifications(Fair-trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Utz) and developing long term relationships with specialty coffee buyers

Some of the Cooperatives were attended the workshop( KOAKAKA and COCAGI) Rwashoscco  is a farmer-owned marketing, exporting, and roasting company that also provides key services to Small Holder coffee cooperatives in Rwanda. RWASHOSCCO Ltd is a limited company incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda. It is owned by 6 cooperatives.


One of stuff in Rwashoscco Called Eugenie MUKANDANGA she is in charge of quality Control Manager she presented the all step of coffee processing and how to produce the specialty coffee and good quality

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10 years Celebration in RWASHOSCCO

RWASHOSCCO has celebrated the 10 years ago in coffee business. The Rwanda small holder specialty coffee company (RWASHOSCCO Ltd) is a farmer owned marketing, exporting and roasting company that also provides key services to small holder coffee cooperatives. All profits made from this company are to be distributes back to the farmers•

RWASHOSCCO Ltd shareholders comprise of 6 cooperatives, which make up around 13,600 coffee farmers.• RWASHOSCCO Ltd boasts of the best cupping laboratory in Rwanda through which all our coffees are thoroughly evaluated for quality•


The buyers from around the world


CEO of Rwashoscco Miss. KAREKEZI Angelique

10 years ago the first washing station in Rwanda was maraba washing station which has produced coffee with USAID  Funds but now Rwashoscco has 6 cooperatives in Rwanda. was a really good and best opportunities to meet with different people and different institution in Rwanda



Aburorabo Theophile works as roaster in Rwashoscco from 2010

Aburori Theophile,  was born March 1986. he is married. has experience for 16 years from 2010. from that time he gained a lot of experience in roasting coffee and how to prepare the good coffee. that is why in Rwanda “Cafe de Maraba” is the best coffee, according to that skills now Theophile he is the best roaster.

In  2010 Rwashoscco was producing  around 200-350 coffee packages/ day is equal around 8000 Packages per month but now 2016 they are able to  produce 700 packages per day means 16.000 packages per month. that is really good improvement. currently Rwashoscco has 3 Roasters

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A coffee roaster is an expert on all aspects of coffee production. The roasting of the coffee is just one part of this position’s responsibility. From assisting the buyer in the acquisition of green coffee to the blending and packaging, a coffee roaster will manage quality control through each step of the process.



RWASHOSCCO Attends ICO’s 4th World Coffee Conference and 116th International Coffee Council, March 6-11, 2016 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa, 08 March 2015 – The coffee community from Africa and around the world gathered in the Ethiopian capital for two days of engaging debate at the 4th World Coffee Conference, hosted by the Government of Ethiopia.

The 77 Member Countries of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and over 900 attendees, including coffee growers and representatives from government, the private sector, and international agencies participated in a range of discussions related to the theme of the Conference, ‘Nurturing coffee culture and diversity’.

Every four to five years, the International Coffee Organization holds a high-level World Coffee Conference to enable discussion around critical topics for the global coffee sector.

This conference featured a focused exhibition, Over 20 high-level speakers from around the world participated in debates and discussion around the theme of the Conference with issues ranging from gender equality in the coffee sector to the role of public policy in increasing farm productivity.

The conference and exhibition served to promote:

  • Rwandan Products (i.e. Gorillas Coffee and Maraba Coffee) were showcased at the conference exhibition audience for awareness and future business generation
  • Franchising opportunities – showcasing companies/brands to a large pool of potential investors looking to diversify in the current market
  • Import houses and import Promotion facilitators/traders or distributors interested in securing sales contracts for their members

Rwanda delegates at the Rwanda Booth in Addis in the middle “Quality Assurance & Control Officer of Rwashossco.” Eugenie Mukandanga


Timothy Schilling CEO of World coffee Research, Jean Claude Kayitsinga, The Deputy CEO of National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB), and Eugenie Mukandanga, Quality Assurance & Control Officer of Rwashossco



Adam Yezerski, staffer to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) vist RWASHOSCCO

Kigali: On this 17th October 2015, Adam Yezerski, Professional Staff Member, U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations Visit RWASHOSCCO(Rwanda Small Holder Specialty Coffee Company).

Rwanda Team during site visit to RWASHOSCCO coffee with Adam Yezerski, staffer to Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who said “I want make sure that ADF HQ knows what an excellent job Geoffrey Kayigi (your country director for Rwanda) did as a host, and as a spokesman for the organization. “

The aim of his visit of RWASHOSCCO was for sharing and exchanging experiences with the Grant form ADF in coffee sector development.

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A tour around the RWASHOSCCO and a visit to some of the departments/wards provided an opportunity for the team to know more about what concerted efforts from different achievement and the impact of such partnerships and funding, especially from the Global Fund and the US ADF in the fight against poverty.

Miss KAREKEZI Angelique,Managing Director of RWASHOSCCO,  explained that now is a farmer-owned marketing, exporting, and roasting company that also provides key services to Small Holder coffee cooperatives in Rwanda. RWASHOSCCO Ltd is a limited company incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda. It is owned by 6 cooperatives.


with farmers around 13.800, now they got a lot of awards through the basic of grant from ADF. The can produce more than 48 containers every year green coffee full washed and more than 67.284 Packages of Cafe de Maraba.

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Rwashoscco – Cooperating for Growth

A cooperative coffee producer with grand ambitions, Rwashoscco is emerging as a leading brand of quality in 21st century Rwanda. “We want to be the main company here in Rwanda and we want to show that Rwanda can produce more than it already has, but most importantly that it can produce quality,” says Angelique Karekezi, Managing Director of the company. “We want to present a positive image of our country, and what we can produce.”

Exporting success

The company has already had positive results. Rwashoscco is an exporting company owned by six cooperatives producing roasted and green coffee throughout the country, Rwashoscco has already penetrated the lucrative European, Asian and American markets while providing work for 13,600 farmers. With USAID financing support, the exporter has built a strong network of coffee stations and important mechanisms for quality assurance including testing laboratories.

A bright future

Rwashoscco currently has an export capacity of 45 containers; however it is not resting on its laurels. Indeed, with export levels reaching just over 70% of capacity this year, there is still ample scope for growth. Karekezi predicts growth in turnover of 2% in 2015. But for Rwashoscco, it is not simply about quantity. As Angelique Karekezi says, “We have a strong commitment to continue to produce coffee of exceptional quality. This can be seen by the Let’s Talk Coffee’ quality award received in Panama 2014 for great coffee exported from Maraba, Karaba and Musasa cooperatives.”


Highlighting Rwandan coffee quality at the 2014 HarVee Awards

Highlighting Rwandan coffee quality at the 2014 HarVee Awards | Sustainable Harvest


Every year, the HarVee Awards at Let’s Talk Coffee  recognizes excellent producers and roasters in the Sustainable Harvest® supply chain. Producers are awarded in the categories of quality, consistency, and growth. Roasters are recognized for roasting excellence  and their coffees are evaluated by the internationally known coffee expert Kenneth Davids of Coffee Review. The HarVee Awards serve as a chance to celebrate the exceptional Relationship Coffees that are produced by Sustainable Harvest®’s supply chain every year.

AngeliqueAt this year’s Let’s Talk Coffee  event in Panama, the highly coveted producer prize for first place in the quality category was awarded to our Rwandan partner Rwashoscco. Rwaschoscco has worked diligently with Sustainable Harvest® over the years to improve the production practices of the cooperatives they represent and have now set the standard for coffee quality in Rwanda. We were pleased to see Angelique Karekezi, Rwashoscco’s managing director, accept the 1st place HarVee Award on behalf of her organization and serve as a role model for specialty coffee growers throughout Sustainable Harvest®‘s supply chain.

Highlighting Rwandan coffee quality at the 2014 HarVee Awards | Sustainable Harvest


Rwashoscco has demonstrated that Rwandan farmers who focus on best agronomic practices and improved processing techniques at the farm level can produce award winning coffees, and connect with international buyers willing to pay a premium for a specialty product. Sustainable Harvest®‘s Rwanda Project, implemented in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, extends Rwashoscco’s success to 3,500 low-income women farmers through training that creates the basis for improved quality and higher prices. Bloomberg Philanthropies received a special recognition HarVee Award for their support of women farmers in Rwanda.

We look forward to seeing these women recognized at HarVee Award ceremonies in years to come, and hope that Rwashoscco’s award for quality will inspire coffee producers across Rwanda to realize the potential of the country’s specialty coffee sector.


U.S. Ambassador Donald Koran visited RWASHOSCCO Ltd

RWASHOSCCO was created in 2005, towards the end of PEALD/USAIS project. The Idea came from Timothy Shilling, then chief Part  PEARL/USAID. The Idea was to leave behind a farmers and umbrella organization or company that will handle all marketing and export logistics and strengthen the management and leadership of primary cooperatives.

Zacharie Ntakirutimana was introduce how the RWASHOSCCO was started and their vision and mission of exporting a value quality of coffee,in different country like USA, England,Switzerland, French, Norway etc…..Our customers are satisfied because we are delivering coffee on time with a high quality coffee, our vision is to help the small farmer in different field to increase their intelligent of management and life daily’