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This is vision of Union roasters company from UK

Hello, we’re Union. We’ve been sourcing, roasting, living and loving good coffee since 2001.We find and work directly with talented farmers, paying them a fair price so they can invest in their farm, families, and workers It’s called Union Direct Trade. Those fair prices, and our investment in smallholder farmers, make our specialty coffee extra special. We hand-roast our coffee in small batches. Tiny, carefully-tended batches. To us, roasting is an art. And it shows. All our coffees are scored 84 and above on the SCAA’s international scale – the definitive measure of coffee quality. And our micro-lots? (Small quantities of rare, incredible coffees, grown in the best conditions possible.) Those typically score more than 88.

Therefore they have worked together with Rwashoscco how they can get the best quality of green coffee in Rwanda. Today we have hosted  RUDY HUEMER his Quality Manager/Q Grader. we had a good time since he has arrived in Rwanda. our cooperatives are working hard to produce the good quality and to produce more that can be affordable with our customer. New crop 2017 we are really happy to work



Day by day specialty coffee in Rwanda is growing quickly, the twin is working with 10 producer organizations in Rwanda and Burundi on improving the quality of their Full washed Arabica; gaining additional certifications(Fair-trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Utz) and developing long term relationships with specialty coffee buyers

Some of the Cooperatives were attended the workshop( KOAKAKA and COCAGI) Rwashoscco  is a farmer-owned marketing, exporting, and roasting company that also provides key services to Small Holder coffee cooperatives in Rwanda. RWASHOSCCO Ltd is a limited company incorporated in the Republic of Rwanda. It is owned by 6 cooperatives.


One of stuff in Rwashoscco Called Eugenie MUKANDANGA she is in charge of quality Control Manager she presented the all step of coffee processing and how to produce the specialty coffee and good quality

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10 years Celebration in RWASHOSCCO

RWASHOSCCO has celebrated the 10 years ago in coffee business. The Rwanda small holder specialty coffee company (RWASHOSCCO Ltd) is a farmer owned marketing, exporting and roasting company that also provides key services to small holder coffee cooperatives. All profits made from this company are to be distributes back to the farmers•

RWASHOSCCO Ltd shareholders comprise of 6 cooperatives, which make up around 13,600 coffee farmers.• RWASHOSCCO Ltd boasts of the best cupping laboratory in Rwanda through which all our coffees are thoroughly evaluated for quality•


The buyers from around the world


CEO of Rwashoscco Miss. KAREKEZI Angelique

10 years ago the first washing station in Rwanda was maraba washing station which has produced coffee with USAID  Funds but now Rwashoscco has 6 cooperatives in Rwanda. was a really good and best opportunities to meet with different people and different institution in Rwanda



Selection for cup of excellence in Rwashoscco

Rwashoscco is ready to Host delegation from around the world to celebrate 10 years in coffee business Rwashoscco started pre selection on 4th July 2016 they selected the best coffee in the different lot from cooperatives

last week they have selected most coffee was clean , sweetness, honey, etc… today it is last day of cupping because by Thursday of this week the best cupper from around the world they will have time to cup best coffee from cooperatives in Rwashocco

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Melbourne Coffee Merchants Australia have visited Rwashoscco


Coffee business now is growing in Rwanda in times of keeping the quality and the customer. Rwashoscco, our object is producing the best coffee quality therefore Rwashoscco become the Best Coffee exporters in Africa.

Melbourne coffee from Australia has partnership with rwashocco as years ago that is why their clients also they want to know exactly where coffee comes from and how the cooperatives they produce the good quality. Since from last Saturday the 6 members from Australia they visited the different coops which are Maraba, Musasa, and Bufcoffe among 6 cooperatives are in Rwashoscco.




They have visited the washing stations which are Mbilima, Ruli from Northern Province. A Musasa cooperative produces more coffee in Rwanda.

Rwashoscco we are proud to have more visitors and to have new client our ambition is to continue look the best future in specialty coffee

Please if you want more details visit our website and stay in touch with us for




Women in Coffee

ITC, in cooperation with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), supports the establishment of women’s associations in the coffee sector, so-called IWCA country chapters.  The project focuses primarily on East Africa.  IWCA chapters empower women in the coffee sector through a national and international network of peers – a way of cooperating that has worked well in Central America for several years.

Through the chapters women work together to solve issues they face collectively, advancing socially and economically.  The project includes components on leadership training, micro-finance and branding and is available to coffee entrepreneurs primarily in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Therefore the guest from Europe are visited Rwashoscco and Women Coffee Association in times of new project presentation for Rulindo project

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Who is Eugenie MUKANDANGA?

Eugenie MUKANDANGA is a Quality control,Roasting and Export Manager in RWASHOSCCO company since 2003.Was born on June 1983 at Huye/ Rusatira, south province in Rwanda, she graduated in Nation University of Rwanda. She has an experience in coffee cupping since 2005. She has a certification into differences competition and events. There are:

Certificate of attendance and achievement of training “cupping : The Sensory Evaluation of Coffee” ( EAFCA 2005 ), Certificate of achievement “completing the cup of excellence Training”( SPREAD/USAID,NUR,OCIR Café and Alliance for Coffee 2007 ),The certificate of participation in training “Advanced Training in coffee Cupping for Coffee Value Determination” ( OCIR Café  and SPREAD/USAID 2008, Training and participating as a member of the panel of National Judges for the Rwanda Cup of Excellence ( “OCIR Café 2008’’), Training and participating as a member of the panel of National judges for the Rwanda cup of Excellence (OCIR Café and Alliance for Coffee Excellence  “ ACE “,Inc 2010 ) ,

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Training and participating as a member of the panel of National judges for the Rwanda cup of Excellence (NAEB  and  Alliance for Coffee Excellence “ ACE “,Inc 2011 ) , Certificate of Attendance the Second annual Let’s Talk Coffee in Moshi Tanzania 2011, Training and participating as a member of the panel of National judges for the Rwanda cup of Excellence (NAEB  and  Alliance for Coffee Excellence  “ ACE “,Inc 2012 ), Examinations in the evaluation of coffee through standardized methods of cupping established by the Technical Standards committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.( Coffee Quality Institute CQI 2013 but I am STAR CUPPER ), Training and participating as a member of the panel of National judges for the Rwanda cup of Excellence (NAEB  and  Alliance for Coffee Excellence  “ ACE “,Inc 2013 ), Certificate of Participation in Regional Barista Skills &Service Training held in Nairobi, Kenya.(2015)etc….



Aburorabo Theophile works as roaster in Rwashoscco from 2010

Aburori Theophile,  was born March 1986. he is married. has experience for 16 years from 2010. from that time he gained a lot of experience in roasting coffee and how to prepare the good coffee. that is why in Rwanda “Cafe de Maraba” is the best coffee, according to that skills now Theophile he is the best roaster.

In  2010 Rwashoscco was producing  around 200-350 coffee packages/ day is equal around 8000 Packages per month but now 2016 they are able to  produce 700 packages per day means 16.000 packages per month. that is really good improvement. currently Rwashoscco has 3 Roasters

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A coffee roaster is an expert on all aspects of coffee production. The roasting of the coffee is just one part of this position’s responsibility. From assisting the buyer in the acquisition of green coffee to the blending and packaging, a coffee roaster will manage quality control through each step of the process.