Aburori Theophile,  was born March 1986. he is married. has experience for 16 years from 2010. from that time he gained a lot of experience in roasting coffee and how to prepare the good coffee. that is why in Rwanda “Cafe de Maraba” is the best coffee, according to that skills now Theophile he is the best roaster.

In  2010 Rwashoscco was producing  around 200-350 coffee packages/ day is equal around 8000 Packages per month but now 2016 they are able to  produce 700 packages per day means 16.000 packages per month. that is really good improvement. currently Rwashoscco has 3 Roasters

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A coffee roaster is an expert on all aspects of coffee production. The roasting of the coffee is just one part of this position’s responsibility. From assisting the buyer in the acquisition of green coffee to the blending and packaging, a coffee roaster will manage quality control through each step of the process.