RWASHOSCCO has celebrated the 10 years ago in coffee business. The Rwanda small holder specialty coffee company (RWASHOSCCO Ltd) is a farmer owned marketing, exporting and roasting company that also provides key services to small holder coffee cooperatives. All profits made from this company are to be distributes back to the farmers•

RWASHOSCCO Ltd shareholders comprise of 6 cooperatives, which make up around 13,600 coffee farmers.• RWASHOSCCO Ltd boasts of the best cupping laboratory in Rwanda through which all our coffees are thoroughly evaluated for quality•


The buyers from around the world


CEO of Rwashoscco Miss. KAREKEZI Angelique

10 years ago the first washing station in Rwanda was maraba washing station which has produced coffee with USAID  Funds but now Rwashoscco has 6 cooperatives in Rwanda. was a really good and best opportunities to meet with different people and different institution in Rwanda